Latisse Eyelashes

Grow Your Natural Eyelashes Longer, Fuller, And Darker


A leader in the industry, Latisse is currently the only FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment available for prescription use. This remarkable and innovative cosmetic product helps individuals enhance the fullness and thickness of eyelashes that are otherwise considered inadequate. Because it naturally enhances eyelashes, individuals using the product would no longer need to use synthetic eyelashes.

Individuals choose Latisse because it is a safe choice with proven results. Applied daily at the base of the top eyelid’s lashes, this product delivers results in about two to three months. During this time, the lashes steadily grow and are soon noticeably longer, thicker and darker.

The active ingredient bimatoprost drives the growth of eyelashes, significantly increasing the number of eyelashes growing as well as the length of time that eyelashes grow. Because the growth time is extended, the hairs have more time to get longer and fuller, therefore delivering the best possible results for individuals using the product.

Prescription Strength Latisse

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How It Works

If you have fewer eyelashes than you should, or no eyelashes at all, you may be recommended for a treatment referred to as Latisse. It is an FDA-approved treatment for those who need to grow or replenish their eyelashes. Latisse has been proven effective in helping people to grow lashes that are thicker, longer and fuller.

Encouraging the hair growth, as well as by promoting more hairs to grow during the phase. Those who use the treatment for lash enhancement will need to follow the application directions. The prescription should be applied each night before bed, making sure that it is only applied to the areas where hair growth is wanted.

Latisse Before and After

How To Use

The first of its kind. Safe and gentle approach to maximizing the growth of eyelashes, enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence.  Latisse is a liquid solution applied to your eyelid (Application Instructions) to help grow eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

You will begin treatment by applying the product at the base of only your top eyelashes using an applicator with a drop of the solution on it. The treatment is applied on a daily basis to both eyes and can be continued every day.

When used on a daily basis, Latisse will gradually work to extend and fill out your lashes over the course of 8 to 16 weeks. To keep your lashes continually growing and filling in, you must use Latisse on a daily basis.

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